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Who Is The Scorpion Athletic Booster Club?

Adolfo Camarillo High School has produced thousands of leaders who have gone on to serve our community. Their success has been due in no small measure to the parents, community members, and businesses who supported their athletic endeavors with money and time. The ACHS athletic programs would not have been as successful, and many would not exist today, without the generosity of so many for more than 50 years.

ACHS is facing constant financial challenges which threaten the high quality, and even existence, of our athletic programs. The Athletic Department and individual sports funding resources are severely limited. 

The Scorpion Athletic Booster Club (SABC) is 501(s)C nonprofit, parent-run organization formed to raise funds for ACHS Athletics to support of all 23 teams at Camarillo High School.


Our mission is to help supplement funding for the Athletic Department to benefit all our student athletes, working closely with the Athletic Director and school Principal in our fundraising efforts.

Please join our efforts to continue the proud tradition of support for the many dedicated coaches and school staff who invest so much of their own time to encourage the growth of our student athletes into successful young adults in our community.

What Does The Booster Club Do?

The booster club provides financial support to all 23 ACHS athletic teams.  We also volunteer our time to assist the Athletic Director with various needs throughout the year.  We meet once a month and are run by a self-elected board.

How we raise money:

- Banners and Billboards

- Digital Advertising

- Season Tickets (Scorpion Pass)

- Reserved Club Seats for JV and Varsity Football

- Reserved Club Seats for Graduation

We also generate funding through direct donations and by operating the snack bar during football games.

How we spend money:

A portion of the funds are spent directly by the booster club to assist with specific athletic department needs.  Examples of this include upgrading of the stadium sound system and the purchase of the digital scorers table in the gym.

A portion of funds go to the Athletic Director to supplement department funding.  These funds are directed solely by the Director to cover expenses such as coaches stipends, referee fees, and transportation expenses.

A portion of the funds go directly to individual team coaches to cover team-specific expenses such as equipment and supplies.  

As a nonprofit, the booster club does not raise funds of behalf of individual athletes.



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