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Athletic Clearance

All prospective athletes must register at before attending any try-out and/or practice for 2023-2024 school year.  To receive try-out and team information, register online for the all sports in which the athlete may be interested. Head coaches will communicate via e-mail with athletes who have registered at for each sport chosen online. 



Athletic Clearance Instructions:

  1. Register online at   

    • Be sure to check all sport boxes online for which that the athlete may want to participate.  Complete online registration in its entirety with correct parent and student electronic signatures.

  2. Download the ACHS Athlete Participation Packet below.

  3. Submit completed packet:

Be sure to have your doctor complete, sign and date the Part 2 of the packet. An electronic medical form is acceptable.  Parent and student signatures are required where noted in packet.

For questions, contact Mary Perez, Athletic Director, at

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