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Walk-on Coaching

This outlines the process that must be followed in order to gain clearance as a “walk-on” coach. After meeting with the head coach of the sport and Athletic Director of the school to determine if there is a need for your services, the applicant must follow the procedures below in the order they are listed in order to gain clearance.

Prospective coaches MAY NOT work with athletes in any way until the District Office notifies the school that all paperwork and the results of the background check and TB tests have been received and approved.

#1 - Do this first

Take the NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching & Concussion Courses

  •  Go to:

  •  Set up an account there

  •  Log-in and register for the Fundamentals of Coaching course ($52 cost)

  •  Complete all modules of the course—it will take at least 5 hours

  •  Complete the Concussion in Sports course (free)

  •  Print your certificates of completion for both courses

#2 - Do this Next

Take the OUHSD Mandatory ARMATUS Training for Coaches

ARMATUS is a one-time online training program required for all employees of the OUHSD. The program is designed to recognize and prevent child abuse. It consists of 4 separate modules, and should take about an hour and a half. It is free.

#3 - Do this LAST

  • Meet with the Athletic Director and fill out a Temporary Coaching Certification form

  • Turn in your certificates of completion for both of the NFHS courses listed above

  • Turn in proof of current CPR and First Aid certification

  • Have the school Principal sign the form

  • Take the form to the OUHSD District Office (309 S. “K” St., Oxnard) and turn it in

  • Pick up any necessary paperwork while at the District Office

  • Complete and return all paperwork (photocopies should be retained for personal records)

  • Complete background check process and the TB test requirement

  • Wait for official clearance from the OUHSD before beginning to coach

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