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Legacy Fund II


A fund of up to $20,000 to assist Camarillo High School Athletics teams in capital purchases of items to improve their programs in this year and beyond (Items such as spiritwear, travel expenses, tournament fees, use fees and uniforms are not eligible).


Teams may apply for up to $2,500 of matching funds (For every dollar the team commits, SABC will match it with one dollar). Depending on total funds requested, partial matches may be approved in order to share proceeds across teams. Applications will be evaluated and not all applications may be approved (Funds are not guaranteed until the awards are determined).


Program opens February 1, 2020, with applications being due to Athletic Director, Mary Perez by February 15, 2020. Awards will be announced on March 11, 2020.



The program is open to all 25 recognized ACHS teams (Clubs are not eligible), and applications must be submitted by the head coach.

Teams may join and submit one application together if there is a shared need (i.e. Boys and Girls Track). Applications cannot exceed $2500 x the number of teams applying.


Teams can submit multiple applications, but the total requests cannot exceed a total of $2500 per team.



SABC’s primary function is to support ALL 25 ACHS coaches and teams - We believe coaches know best what is needed, and we would like them to tell us how we can best help.



Download and complete the LegacyFund_II_Application_Form HERE, or in Mary Perez’s office. Submit your application to Mary Perez by February 15, 2020.



Mary Perez - or

Lisa Willard -


Legacy Fund II Application

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