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Fall 2021 Girls Tennis Season 

  1. Tennis try-outs will begin June 21-23, 2021 from 9-10:30 am on the school tennis courts.

  2. Athletes must be cleared by the athletics department before try-outs begin.  Please use the website to get cleared. An account must be set up for yourself and your forms uploaded or turned in directly to Mary Perez before clearance can be given. You will be unable to participate if you do not have clearance the day of try-outs. 

  3. You must have proper tennis attire. Shorts or tennis skirt, shirt, tennis shoes w/socks, racquet, sunscreen, water and visor (optional). 

Tennis Lessons:



Any questions please e-mailed to

Updated information will continually be posted on

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Team page not available on mobile device.
Please use GoScorps App. 

Team rosters, scores, news and photos are updated by individual teams. 

Please contact the team coach or team parent if content is not up to date. 

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