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Key points to remember for tryouts:

  • All tryouts are MANDATORY!

  • Tryouts are to get into the soccer class

    • Teams will be chosen from the soccer class(unless you are currently in another sport)​

    • There is no guarantee that you will make a team just because you are in the class

  • Things to bring to tryouts

    • Soccer gear and a white t shirt(will write number on the back)

    • Water and sunscreen​

  • Things you need to do before tryouts


Location: Camarillo High School


July 23-24

  • Freshmen and all new players

  • Cuts can be made on Day 1 or 2 and the players asked to come back for days 2 and 3 will tryout with the returners

July 25-26

  • Returners and those asked to come back from days 1 and 2

  • Cuts may be made after day 3 or day 4 and those on the list will be placed into the girls soccer class

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